Thank you so much for waiting. The long awaited album design is now ready for preview and revisions. Final retouching will not be applied until the layout is approved and confirmed by you, so take a look at if you like this layout we made for you!

Each image you see is a spread, meaning it's actually 2 pages of  your album. (i.e. if you have a 60 page album you will have 30 spreads). 

The page numbers are located at the bottom of each image in this current view, or will show when the mouse is hovered over, in enlarged view (by clicking on the image).

The image numbers are located on the bottom of each image, highlighted in a black bar. (This will not be in your final print)

Please let us know if you approve your layout designs, or need any revisions by referring to the page numbers AND the image numbers.

Please reply to us within two weeks of your album email so that we can expedite your production. Thank you.