While all photos will possess a wide range of creative compositions, lighting, and post production, our clients are encouraged to look into whether there is a particular style that they are drawn to. 


This is one of our favorites, and is probably the most timeless approach to photography. The compositions are simple and elegant, and the posing for the couples are very relaxed and casual. Sweet and romantic, the style incorporates a variety of techniques such as back lighting, shooting in shaded areas, and natural lighting. In post production, photos are color corrected to have the proper skin tones, with easy contrast and natural color saturation to subtly emulate film photography. This style lets your personality shine through, focusing on the interactions of everyone, and is most true to the photojournalism approach.

Romantic Film Emulation

Yet another one of our favorites, is the film emulation style. While composition and posing are also very natural and relaxed, the post production filters are increased, with shades and tints to emulate traditional, Polaroid, even infrared film colors. There may be a bit more warmer or cooler tones in your photos, depending on your preferences. Grain is also applied, to give each photo a more textured, and organic feel.

Fine Art

With this style, our artists create to their hearts content and will push the boundaries of conventional wedding photography. Compositions are unique, and less portrait oriented. (i.e. subjects/people in the photos are small in proportion to the background, facial portraits are cropped, etc.) Lots of Black and White filters, heavier film grain are applied. Sometimes experimental, the compositions can be a bit more abstract with very distinct cropping and color applications. Just like a piece of art, each photo emphasizes on expressing the emotions and stories behind. 


As seen in fashion magazines and the fashion industry, this particular style incorporate very contemporary and intense compositions. Camera angles are more dynamic such as shooting slanted, with low angles, to create tension in the photos. The collection is sexy and edgy, sometimes with more serious facial expressions and body language. In post production, heavy tints and contrast are applied to further create the mood.

Night Time and Artificial Lighting

With multiple light sources and off camera lighting equipment, night time and indoor photos are captured with a very refined technique that creates depth and dimension. Some of these photos are to inspire mystery, while some are to accentuate romantic ambiance. These are mostly utilized in controlled settings such as the couple's portrait session during cocktail hour/reception, or engagement and day after sessions. Of course, it is also heavily utilized in the reception on the wedding day, to capture the ambiance of the night and energy of the party.