Yun + Adrian

Master Photographer / Owner / Techie 

Husband and wife. Industry leaders with 13+ years of experience. Yun was a Fine art graduate from our neighborhood CSUF, while Adrian was born and raised in Wales, UK, specializing in anything techie and geeking out. Photographer, mentor, computer geek, latte maker, snow boarders, lover of life.


Associate Photographer

15+ years experience and ever loving passion for photography. Bebe got her first camera when she was 13. And growing up, she had forever fallen in love with the challenges, creativity, and fun of photographing weddings.  Photographer, gambler, storyteller, marathon walker, loving wife and mother of 2.      

Kaya, Molly, Becky

Assistant Photographers

1-8 years experience. Some of these gals had started with Cloud 9 as young as 16 years old. These are some truly talented new blood in the photographic industry. Always bringing in innovation and fun ideas, they also keep us very updated with current E!News! stories. Photographers, innovators, Harry Potter fans, self proclaimed relationship therapists, fashionistas, rebels.